Lullaby for a Fascist Structure (epistemic barricades)

Fragment of limestone taken from the Monumento a los Heroes in Bogotá, and leaves from Brugmansia Arborea, Angel trumpet.
40 x 20 x 15 cm aprox.

The Monumento a los Héroes was a 57 mt. building-monument planned in the 50's by fascist architect Angiolo Mazzonni and commissioned by the government of far-righ
conservative Laureano Gómez. In 2021 a large scale set of protests took place in Colombia by students, workers and some peasant collectives following an announced tax reform by Ivan Duque's government. The monument, which was located in Bogotá, became one of the occupied symbols of the protests, afterwards the structure was demolished. A fragment of debris was selected and covered with leaves from the Toé /Angel trumpet / Borrachero plant, invoking the anesthetic capacities of their alkaloids, as a way to commemorate the protests and to celebrate the dismantling of the monument.

Photo taken at the exhibition FURIA, Cámara de comercio de Bogotá

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