Noises: Gestures on Common Ground

Ink on paper
(A5 format) 100+ drawings

The project Noises spans more than 10 years of following persons and animals’ movement with my sight in different situations. A target is set and observed. During this watching act a drawing is made: observed movement translates on paper in the form of lines, while the eye is following the assigned subject of observation. Resulting drawings are a sort of spatial and teluric, non linguistic reflections on the connection between movement, gaze, thought and the conditioning of movement in public spaces.

Drawings have been made in cities in the Americas, Africa and Europe covering a variety of situations that go from office workers in London going back home (most of them wearing black clothes), to dogs’ behavioural training in Los Angeles, passing by following wolfs at Natural parks in Bohemia, ants crawling a sugar cane plant in Amsterdam’s botanical gardens, protests in different cities, people carrying shopping bags in Barcelona and the more pattern-like movement of animals in zoological gardens among many other variety of situations.

The latest iteration of the work focused on following archival footage of military training, historical protests, uprisings and clashes between different types of population and the police, and real - time protests attended.