An Endless Present

Digital C-Prints, 29,7 x 42 cm.
Intervened scans from scientific publications
2013 - 2014 -ongoing

An Endless Present features a group of C-prints and jackets depicting book covers from scientific publications. These covers appear as references to a series of research in biotechnology, psychiatry, geology, genetics, physics, botany, social history, etc. The dummies apparently give an account of a variety of relevant themes concerning what is understood for the average educated person as knowledge. After a second, detailed look, the work acquire a different dimension, since the books referenced and their abstracts are clearly showing by their empty inner pages their own non-existence. The titles, authors and abstracts written on the jackets are altered or fully assembled from conversations, scientific and science fiction literature, conspiracy theories and online discussions on the subjects evoked.

The sub-text of the work navigates, in most of the cases, aspects connected with the objectification of life, productivity and its connection with cognition, exploitation of vital resources, the delusive evolutionary line between animal - human and artificial intelligence, and political exertion of power by the manipulation of scientific knowledge.