Rastro / A Comment on the Policies of Love
Mixed media

The project begins in Barcelona with the acquisition of a luxury evening dress from an Yves Saint Laurent boutique. After the purchase, the dress was teared apart into pieces, which were inserted into twenty-five second-hand garments previously acquired at charity shops. In Spain, charity shops are called 'rastros' (traces). The twenty-five garments were remodeled by two local designers, and taken back to the charity shops to start circulating as goods again.

For the clothes to be sold again a label was created, blending YSL's logo and the charity shop's logo on it. The 25 pieces finally were offered for sale in two different versions: one including the new label for an expensive price, and one without the label at the regular charity shop price.

This work was made as a commission for the exhibition "Our Hospitality" curated by Rodrigo Alonso in the Espai d'art contemporani EACC, Castellón.

Museum display and intervention in the charity shop