Ladies Parrots and Narcotics

Milena Bonilla & Luisa Ungar

Performance at Ar/Ge Kunst, Bolzano 2017
Exhibition "Flowers are Documents" curated by Emanuele Guidi

In 2015 Milena Bonilla took a bunch of coca plants camouflaged among a group of tulips on a trip from Amsterdam to Paris.

Based on that first action, the artists' duo started a discussion of how likely would be to have a bouquet or a flower arrangement in which tulips and coca plants would share space. The performance Ladies, Parrots and Narcotics takes the discussion to a set of instructions about of how to make a flower arrangement with this two species of plants. The artists play with the language that is used in flower arrangement tutorials to establish tensions between the historic, economic and political realities of the two plants in a dialogic, humorous manner.