Milena Bonilla Galeano

Visual artist, educator and independent researcher, born in Bogotá, living and working in Amsterdam.

Her artistic practice is currently invested in epistemic colonialism and the different ways in which its historical background and current structures affect organisms, language, imagery, social orders and the perception of history itself. Bonilla is also interested in information, practices and knowledge that propose and place particular questions about language and agency as ontological properties of humans only, and how this precept is embedded in the way in which economic policies under capitalism operate.

Her work has been shown, screened and performed among others at Galeria Municipal do Porto; Nest, The Hague; Framer Framed, Amsterdam; A Tale of a Tube, Rotterdam, The Jewish Museum, New York; MAMU Museo de Arte Miguel Urrutia, Bogotá; MHKA, Antwerp; MACRO Museum, Rome; Rijksakademie van beeldende kunsten, Amsterdam; Temporary Gallery, Cologne; MOCO, Montpellier; The Mistake Room, Los Angeles; Spring Workshop, Hong Kong; CA2M, Madrid; MNBA Buenos Aires; Château de Servières, Marseille and AR/GE Kunst, Bolzano.