Sketches for Gardening (Moabit)

Intervention in Moabiter Stadtgarten (ZK/U - Zentre für Kunst und Urbanistik
August, 2020

Plants and trees of the Moabiter park were identified with the help of ZK/U's team. A series of statements written in signs, similar to the ones used in protests, inform about each plant's power and intelligence (based on depictions of uses from different traditions), as well as the plants’ relationship with different aspects of human perceptions of time, life, body and consciousness. The signs were placed at the same spot where each plant‘s species were located, whereas in the case of trees the signs were placed (with care of not damaging them) on the trees’ trunks.

Work done during a residency period at ZK/U Berlin, with the support of the Mondriaan Fonds.

Documentation of the intervention. Photography by Nabil Sami, lettering by Andrés Felipe Uribe