She Asked About Money

Collaboration with Luisa Ungar
21 inkjet prints b/w
29,7 x 21 cm each


The piece departs from the leftovers' documentation from the performance "This Rabbit Looks to the Left: Chocolate Scrying".

A series of pictures showing traces of liquid chocolate on different cups (consumed by the participants of the event) are presented with captions that play with the idea of foretelling, the political and economical history of cacao and the organization of an image as archive.

The photographs operate as still frames of an event impossible to experience, so the idea of "leftover" goes from the very materiality of the performance process of drinking, to the set of spells and storytelling made by the traces of a anonymn interaction with the liquid.

Takes a Last Breath Before Turning / Privileged Zone of the Humid Tropic Where Everything Rots


Speculation with this seed on the stock market produced panic / She kissed her husband, to whom she had converted into a dog


After piercing her ear, blood camouflaged with the fruit / Spider monkey offers a cacao corn to a prisioner


He traded five loads of cacao for the skin of a Jaguar / Drug addict Europe


He challenged progress by walking backwards / A bitter potion only apt for pigs, 1565