The Army

Two mirrors, battery motor, kentia leaf, bulb, sound
ripped page from The Economist dated 25th. May, 1968
1.60 x 70 cm x 0.5 cm. (mirrors)

A motor with a small kentia palm's leaf inside its batteries appears spinning between two mirrors, its mechanical movement reproduced several times by the reflections.The kentia palm, Howea forsteriana, is cultivated massively in monocultures and had a particular status among ruling colonial powers, specially the British Empire, for its decorative appealing.The sound of the motor is amplified in the space.

Together with the installation, a ripped page from The Economist is shown depicting an image of a machine's gear covered by a handkerchief. In the back side of the page there is a series of quotes from Herbert Marcuse, mainly from the book 'Eros and Civilization'. The quotations of Marcuse were published, pointing him as an ideological reference to May 68' international students' protests.

View at Stigter van Doesburg, Amsterdam 2014


View at Mor Charpentier, Paris 2013

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