The Accumulation of Capital (riddled)

book with shot, paper's debris attached with magnets and metal stick, calligraphy on wall

The work departs from Rosa Luxemburg’s book The Accumulation of Capital: A Contribution to an Economic Explanation of Imperialism. The content of the book (1913) expands connections between capital-backed militarism in colonial territories, the destruction of non-capitalist social fabrics, imperialist war, and the competition for the expansion of economic spheres of influence in Europe.

A copy of the book was shot with a rifle. With this action a string of words was drawn out from the book by the bullet, leaving scattered fragments of paper that were picked up after the book was shot and placed together with magnets. Finally, the words crossed by the bullet are copied from the fragments and amplified on the exhibition space, creating a nonsensical, although well organized, list of words that cover an entire wall from top to bottom.

Luxemburg was extra judicially assassinated by an alliance between the Social Democratic Party of Germany and a paramilitary Kavallerie division during the failed German Revolution in January 1919. Her work was thereafter banned during the Stalinist regime in the Soviet Union.

View at Galeria Municipal do Porto, Portugal, 2021-2022. Calligraphy work by Giuliane Sampaio, photography by Dinis Santos.

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Installation view at A Tale of a Tub 2019, Rotterdam