Noises: Gestures on Common Ground

drawing on paper, dimensions variable, 2019 - ongoing 

The drawings are made in playgrounds, music festivals, places where social protests are taking / have taken place, parks and places where animals are trained / confined. I follow with my gaze specific movements that I am interested in, tracing a path between what is organized, controlled movement on specific spaces, and which disruptions, games, collaborations and violences of different kinds are exerted within the navigated places. Notes on the particular conditions of the situations at stake appear written at the bottom of each drawing.

Our gaze embraces everyday images which are ideologically crossed by the very values that makes them active or activate them. Even if by the routine of seeing acts of restricted movement we, most of the time, appear indifferent to what we see, our bodies are embracing and processing the differences between the straight lines of predetermined motion, and lines of movement that have absorbed a differentiation based on spontaneous generation and chance within clear and non-evident patterns of control.