The Last Drink is For the Sun

Ongoing project including drawing/animation, photography, video and site specific interventions.

The dissappearance of the Peyote cactus -Lophophora Williamsii- from one of the greenhouses of the Natural History Museum in Paris, was the starting point to produce a series of images that depict different iterations of the relationship between the entheogen plant (and life in the desert) with the organization of space, nomenclature and distribution of information on an enclosed, educational environment.

For the upcoming video piece, the focus is on the idea of the garden as a linguistic apparatus in connection with various texts that Antonin Artaud wrote after his travel to the land of the Tarahumaras in Mexico (where he was introduced to the cactus), and his eventual clinic isolation on different psychiatric asylums in France. 

The project in general bridges connections between ideas of madness, reason, dream states and uses of language, domestication, colonization and extinction.

The Thief. archival material and photos at the gardens of the MNHN Paris. variable dimensions


Draught at the Tropical Garden. photography, variable dimensions.