Malware-made Riddles

Prints in A4 format
2016 - ongoing

Series of riddles created by two intoxicated systems.

A bug infiltrated texts that were searched online as pdfs in my computer’s memory. The texts showed some highlighted words that by the action of the bug became hyperlinks to porn, iphone sales, casinos online and so on.

I decided to select all the bugged words from each text and see if they would have any message for me, the author of the text, the world, etc., so I organized the words in order of apparition.

but also I started to eat-cross books with my eyes-bugs in order to see which words have been selected by my mind on a high speed non-linear reading of a tridimensional object.

This virtual - perceptual bugging is presented in re-arranged fragments taken from the pdfs / books in question, as infiltrated poetry.

The books have a common ground in the connection between the production of knowledge, bio and geopolitics, economy and ecology.

Objectivity, Lorraine Daston and Peter Galison

riddles sample.jpg

What is Philosophy, Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari


The History of Animals, Oxana Timofeeva