Ink on paper
9 x 12.5 cm each drawing
dimensions variable (framed)


Flows of people with shopping bags were passing in front of me at Barcelona’s Rambla.

Started to follow the passers by with my gaze, rendering them abstract as lines in my notebook, following the direction they’ll take with the pen on the paper. They were so many that I got short on time to trace the line that would translate every individual. Counting and following people doing shopping became a frenetic activity.

When I finished the first drawing I saw it was stressed and chaotic.

After a while I started drawing people that was walking alone.

Trafalgar Square had different spatial conditions, it would ask from me a different set of classifications:

Tourists with cameras
People with headphones
People dressed in black
People smiling
People with working clothes
Hurrying people

On that case one could realize the alarming amount of people wearing black clothes passing by that place in London, also the coincidence between that amount and the amount of tourists passing by the same location. Streams of work and leisure blurred on a single murmur.

In México, the lines followed a military discipline, while the Mexican flag was erected at the Zócalo. That stiff line was also boring.

In Oaxaca the square became a ring, where the lines followed the hits and twirls of the wrestlers.

At the Johannesburg’ market lines divided people by the color of their clothes. The densest drawing was of people wearing red.

At Eindhoven Airport a bomb alarm that produced it’s evacuation left sketched dots on the space and some schizoid lines belonging to people that wouldn’t know where to go.

In Amsterdam I stopped drawing only people and start drawing animals, objects, water… I though loved to draw a sleeping couple at Museumplein. For the first time, the line wasn’t running or marching… It was like an oasis in the middle of all that noise.




fixed_Noises Amsterdam 1 .jpgfixed_Noises Amsterdam  3.jpgfixed_Noises Amsterdam 4.jpgfixed_Noises Amsterdam3.jpgfixed_Noises Eindhoven 2.jpgfixed_Noises London 2.jpgfixed_Noises London 3.jpg